Period Clothing For Camp Floyd Historic Lodge Reanactments
Camp Floyd Historic Masonic Lodge No. 205 Free and Accepted Masons of Utah
Master: Ephraim Sng   Secretary: George F. Winters,

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Camp Floyd Period Clothing For Reanactments

Most Worshipful Brother John C. Liley Jr. wearing an early army uniform

Dressing in period clothing for meetings of Camp Floyd Historic Lodge is one of the fun aspects of membership. It is important to know that we are talking pre-civil war, 1858-1861. While the majority of the original Lodge members of Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 205 were military, there were civilian members as well.

We are fortunate to have a member that is expert in clothing of the period, Worshipful Brother Mike Moon can be contacted at Contact Brother Moon with your questions on authentic looking clothing and protocal of the period.

W. Brother Moon made some of the finest replica Masonic Aprons of the time period. The Lodge does have a number available for purchase during our meetings for $100.00 each. I hope to add a link to a page of his aprons in the near future. For now there are samples at the bottom of this page. You also can find companies that offer period clothing listed below.

Clothing Suppliers

One of our founding members, Worshipful Brother Josh Hemmert wearing civil war era civilian clothing with a Mike Moon Masonic Apron

C&C Sutlery - C&C Sutlery has been in the Civil War and Indian War period clothing business since 1976 manufacturing all types of wool coats, wool jackets, wool vests, wool pants, cotton shirts, ladies dresses and more. C&C Sutlery can custom make wool and cotton period clothing to your specifications. All C&C Sutlery clothing is proudly MADE IN THE USA in the State of IDAHO.

Crazy Crow - (They have large sizes) Since beginning in 1970, the goal of Crazy Crow Trading Post has been to provide the best quality products at fair and competitive prices, while bringing you the very best service in the industry.

Quartermaster Shop - They are closing their doors soon, but offer some great deals on remaining inventory.

SunBody Hats - fantastic palm/straw hats, as who wants to wear wool felt in 90 degree weather? also can shape your own hats from the open crowns, with some warm water and patients.

Wild West Mercantile - Excellent company, great customer service,great products,always running sales. I suggest looking at "Frontier Classics" section first. Also check their Bargin Corral where stuff is always on sale. Be careful to look at the size, and material if you wish to be comfortable, regardless of the temp. Avoid polyester, get cotton/wool/linen/natural materials.

19th Century Replica Aprons by W. Brother Michael Moon
19th Century Replica Apron by W. Brother Michael Moon 19th Century Replica Apron by W. Brother Michael Moon 19th Century Replica Apron by W. Brother Michael Moon
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